Frequently Ask Questions

Q: What is your Shipping Policy?
A: Check it out here.

Q: What is your Refund Policy?
A: Check it out here.

Q:How should I inquire about a special event? (Wedding, Corporate Gift, Birthday, etc.)
A: Please visit our catering page here.

Q: Why can’t I order local pick up at the time I want?
A: Our local pick up shuts off everyday at 2pm. Anything after this, will give you the option of the next available business day.

Q: Why does it say Nationwide Shipping is closed?
A: At times we do have to shut down shipping to ensure that people who have ordered can
get their cookies in a timely manner. You can still order local pick up. KEEP IN MIND THAT IF YOU PLACE A SHIPPING ORDER DURING THIS TIME IT WILL BE CANCELLED. Follow our
socials or check back on the website often to see when we have opened it back up.

Q: How do your flavors rotate?
A: We have 10 classic flavors that will always be on the menu for you! We will rotate 6
flavors monthly. Be sure to order your favorite rotating flavor before the last week of the
month! When we sell out of them, who knows when they will return! 🙂

Q: If I have a dietary allergy, can I eat your cookies?
A: In our kitchen, some of our products are made with eggs, gluten, tree nuts, peanuts, and
dairy. Because of this, we are NOT an allergen free kitchen.

Q: Do you make a gluten free cookie?
A: Jordyn has been working on these for a while, she is constantly tweaking and making adjustments to her recipe to ensure that it will be the best cookie you have ever had!….Stay Tuned!