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Our Story

It all started in the crazy year of 2020. With an abundance of time on her hands, quarantine led Jordyn to take her passion for baking to a whole new level when she set out to create the perfect cookie. She aimed to craft something thick and chewy with crisp golden edges on the outside and a slightly under baked center. She enjoyed dedicating long hours of research and a lot of time testing batch after batch to try different recipes and ingredient combinations. Finally Jordyn produced JoJo’s first and finest: the chocolate chip cookie.

After the development of several new flavors and a lot of taste testing, Colin quickly came to believe that this could become so much more than just a hobby. When they shared cookies with friends and family, the feedback was overwhelming.

Not long after their wedding, Colin talked Jordyn into taking the leap into business ownership and together they started JoJo’s Cookie Co. Jordyn resigned from her job in the insurance industry so she could fully dedicate herself to their new company, and since then it has grown tremendously. From JoJo’s humble beginnings in the kitchen of Colin and Jordyn’s first home in Saginaw, MI to their new storefront in Petoskey, MI, their goal remains to create “Smiles from Scratch” one cookie at a time!


Crystal Bur
Crystal Bur
Omg..amazing cookies!
Patricia Geers
Patricia Geers
We just got home and found a box of JoJo’s cookies on our front porch. What a great gift it is. This was something we never expected and are so pleased to receive. Friends and Cookies are great! It’s nice to be reminded of that.
Megan Davis
Megan Davis
Stopped in about 10 minutes ago and got four cookies. They are amazing !!! Super clean store and the employee ( I believe the owner ) was very friendly ! We’re not from this area & jealous we don’t have one of these by us ! Will be back for sure
Matt Mahar
Matt Mahar
Excellent! The peanut butter was our favorite but they’re all wonderful. Made our second visit while in town over this past weekend. The molasses lemon is AMAZING!!! Get some!!!
Chashah Johnson
Chashah Johnson
Good cookies! Kitchen sink was AMAZING.
Alisha Berg
Alisha Berg
I don't even know where to start lol. They are all, basically, so good. My boss got me hooked on them. My husband says I spend too much money there but I crave them weekly. I gave them as Christmas presents, brought them to a funeral, My sister in law brought them to a fundraiser, and I stop and get my daughters favorite which is the M&M brownie( they usually are out when I stop so it must be a favorite of many) and when she has friends over 😆. My favorite is the new Cadbury Carmel crunch which none can even compare because it's literally amazing, but before that it was the regular choc chip and turtle dream. My brother's favorite is the cake batter(big not small. Small were dry but maybe it was juat that batch), the sugar cookie (wont find a better recipe super soft and delicious) and the smore. Other family favorites are everything but the kitchen sink, carrot cake, lemon cheesecake, triple chunk, lemon glazed molasses. So far we didn't care for the peanut butter, monster and the cinnamon coffee cake one. And the oreo one wasn't my favorite. Didn't hate it. But wouldn't order again. But the red velvet oreo one was pretty good. And same with theNutella, it was good but not our favorite. I give them 5 stars for yumminess. The customer service hasn't always been 5 star, maybe 4 or 3.5 at times. And the cookies sometimes are inconsistent. Like one order didn't have m and ms when it was suppose to. The Cadbury one wasn't filled with Carmel. Ect. Hasn't happened alot but the cookies are gourmet and the owner is the sweetest. My work is just too close and I drive by to pick lunch up every week day so it calls to me 🙃 Def give them a try, I use to think cookies were just cookies. Never craved them until I started coming here lol.
Alison Cheney
Alison Cheney
We stopped in since we have been hearing all the raves and reviews about these cookies. It is a little bit out of the way of the city of Petoskey, but the cookies were delicious! However, the customer service was meh....slightly expecting more since it was a small business bakery. Would like to definitely try it again!
Jon The Mill
Jon The Mill
The best bought cookies I’ve ever had!! If they don’t have something you like then you are too picky lol.
Kaitlyn Terbush
Kaitlyn Terbush
My favorite cookies I have every had!
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